Bangladesh’s increasing use of Fossil Fuels cause the rise of temperature in our climate in every year. And, this is going to be extreme in the coming summer because of too much reliance on expensive and polluting Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), another fossil fuel.  

But not only the heat stress, because of the imported LNG Bangladesh is likely to face another power outrage this summer. If that happens, heat stress and power cuts will be double burden for people of Bangladesh. Because of the dollar crisis and the pressure of foreign reserve Bangladesh won’t be able to import LNG to meet the demand during the peak summer.

Heat Stress is rising

in bangladesh

health, economy, climate

everything is impacted

Not only that Bangladesh had to pay X amount of capacity to the private power producers including LNG terminals not in use of their full capacity.

Since we are increasing the investment/use of F Fuels, the carbon emission & greenhouse gas emission is also increasing in our environment/climate.

Last year, because of high price of LNG in the international market Bangladesh had to stop importing, and then we faced the sever load shedding after many years.

For importing LNG, Bangladesh had to bear a huge financial burden in the name of providing subsidies.

people are suffering

the fossil fuel trap

for bangladesh

The country is facing a massive debt burden due to long term unfavorable contracts where they are heavily dependent on imported fossil fuel leading to energy insecurity, debt burden, and financial instability.

Expert opinions


fossil fuels phase out and renewable energy promotion is essential in policy and practice.

Renewable energy investment needs to be increased.

Renewable energy needs to be promoted significantly from the policy level means it needs a significant space in the upcoming IEPMP.