Bangladesh expanding coal mining to offset the energy crisis

Bangladesh is expanding coal mining in the wake of the crippling energy crisis severely affecting its industries and everyday life even with the winter approaching. Winter substantially reduces energy demand in the otherwise humid, warm climate of Bangladesh. But this year the global energy crisis triggered by the Russia-Ukraine war left factories with daily power […]

For security and affordability, we must shore up renewable energy

The Bangladesh Bank recently withdrew the lending cap for coal-based power plants. The move aims to facilitate the purchase of coal needed to operate new coal-fired power plants of 6,754-megawatt (MW) capacity, which are set to come online in a few years. However, as the decision allows banks to lend beyond their 25 percent cap […]

Discriminatory policy hinders renewable energy growth

Sustaibale energy expert of the country pointed out that the government’s discriminatory policy towards renewable energy was evident in high import duties on solar panels meant to be used in small projects, which were more than doubled to 26 per cent from 11 per cent in the financial year 2021-22. This report was first published […]