Chinese firm to build solar power plant in Bangladesh

A joint venture of Fujian Yongfu Power Engineering Co Ltd of China, Air Waves Pvt Limited and Moni Traders Limited will set up a 70MW solar power plant in Bandarban from which the BPDB will buy per unit of power at $9.99 – equivalent to Tk10.96 – for a period of 20 years.

Japanese firm building 200MW solar plant at Barapukuria

A consortium of Japanese Sumitomo Corporation and Parker Bangladesh is setting up a 200MW solar power plant – composed of a 50MW floating and a 150MW ground-mounted units – in the Barapukuria coal mine area in the north-western Dinajpur district.

$75b needed in next 15 years for smooth power supply: Nasrul Hamid

“Renewables, especially solar projects, have some specific challenges. It needs huge land and it’s difficult to implement in a country like Bangladesh where there is land scarcity,” said Nasrul Hamid. But these changes could be addressed through technological advancement, he added.

Towards a solar-powered future

Bangladesh’s rapid ascent as a nation does not happen without adequate power generation, and with the country looking to only accelerate towards its eventual ambition of becoming a developed country in the next two decades, it is imperative that electricity generation remains top of mind.

Solar irrigation – a game changer in agriculture

Replacing costly fuel oil with solar technology for irrigation is one such method that has proved to be a great success. For the less wealthy, developing countries like Bangladesh solar-propelled irrigation can be a real game changer, according to experts.

Wrong engine choices add to power sector woes

Overwhelmingly import-dependent for fuel to run power plants, Bangladesh’s spending of more money to generate a unit of electricity than it should surprises economists and energy experts.